The World

Haran’utarië – means “The world as we know it”, also called “Earitherië” by the elves. Very little of Haran has been explored, this mostly out of fear or discouragement from the High Lord of the elves. Most past expedition to foreign lands has brought bitter rewards, thus many do not have the interest or resources to dare venture beyond their shores.

The Realms


Avaldion – This very realm vibrates with magic. It is the only part of the world that survived the destruction of the old world and kept its ancient spirit. For better or worse, past and present sometimes seem to blur together in this realm. (Not currently on the map.)

Akariën – Sacred land of the woodelves, superstition and ghost stories grow like weed.

Eregien – While the rest of the world struggles with death and danger around every corner, Eregien’s inhabitants has managed to create a land of relative peace between all its races. It is a peace based on respect and little forgiveness. Those who break the rules will not be avenged.

Lamóne’ya’sarantyë (Losserim) – Most likely the most unpleasant corner of the world. Frozen solid beneath snow and ice there was once a beautiful landscape until a special dark elf came by and disturbed its most sacred relic and a cold curse fell heavy over the realm. People still defy the deadly cold to live in scattered ruins left behind by the people of the old world.

Jeerwithuen – Birth-land of the elves, there is not one part of it that has not seen a great deal of bloodshed. It is the one place everyone call home, but no one is willing to share it with their brothers.

Haran Worldmap

Haran Worldmap

The Main Pupulation Zone

The Main Pupulation Zone: Akariën, Eregien, Jeerwithuën