Laerthri – Cities and open fields never quite felt like home to these elves. They found shelter in the forests where they could live close to nature and far away from their bickering brothers.

Morgethri – Elves who left gods and kings to live their own way free from laws and orders. They follow the ways taught by the Nevaari. They are usually unwelcome among the other races but they can be tolerated.

NevaariSelf-proclaimed firstborn often marked with red eyes. They were banned from the “Free lands” by the High Lord Lorioloth for causing a lot of bloodshed. Some among them worship the god Arkaye but don’t claim to be “servants”. They simply trade blood for favors.

Silvrian – The god Ithraen’s chosen people, white haired and strong they endure whatever the world throws at them.


The human population occupy a very small part of the world. Often found being used as slaves by the elves.


Anhari – The race that first inhabited the world before it was destroyed and re-created. They are slightly taller and more lithe than elves.

Athrani – Supposedly Anhari reborn into elven bodies. They mark their skin with magic runes in order to restrain their spirits energy. Their numbers are few and they keep to their own kind. They are considered hybrids between the two races as their traits differ from both.

Azur – Anhari mages who attempted to merge their astral bodies with their physical forms but failed. Their bodies burned and they became disembodied spirits. Extremely powerful and emotional they are a very dangerous force to encounter.

Zulian – Name from the Akarian word “Zulie” meaning “ghost/spirit”. They appear in ancient ruins or locations of great battle fields. Driven mad by their fate, hunger and anger they often attack trespassers. According to Akarian lore they can pull the livings souls or bodies into the ground where they feast upon their energy.

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