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Here you will find published and unpublished (work in progress) books. The public list is short at the moment but new titles should be added to the list whenever the first couple of pages has been written or at least are worth mentioning.

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tales from haran final cover low res

Tales from Haran 

Rated 4.5 of 5 Stars (Amazon)

“Emotions – we all have them. Some wreck havoc in our minds and cripple our bodies. Other bring us to tears of joy, and make the seemingly impossible possible.”

Tales from Haran is a fantasy flash fiction compilation set in the world of Haran’utarië – a broken world that was once destroyed, but refused to die.
Follow the elves, humans and other beings of this world as they experience heartbreaking grief, attraction, enthusiasm and much more through 21 short stories.

Status: Published

Find sample and links to stores here


Short Stories

dark grasp cover whip

Dark Grasp

This is the tale of Jillian Issayë, an elven assassin with the ability to stir up trouble no matter where he goes, and how he came by his dark “undead” unicorn. (What harm can a mount like that possible do to his already chaotic life…)

Status: First Draft
Word count: 9.800








A Hidden Paradise (Working title)

During a mysterious storm at sea, an elven merchant ship under the command of Namayah is dashed against ragged cliffs. Most of the crew survives and find themselves stranded on an uncharted island with abundant food and shelter. The elves believe themselves blessed to have found such a beautiful place, but Namayah soon finds himself harassed by nightmares and seeing shadows at the edge of his vision. The sword he dropped to the bottom of the sea comes back to him and he is drawn deeper into the forests.

Beneath all the natural beauty lies a past best forgotten. A past that leave no witnesses alive.

Excerpt here

Status: First Draft
Word count: 35.000 +




The Island of Shadows (Working title)

First book in a series following the novella ” A Hidden Paradise”.

Status: First draft
Word count: 2k something


The Great War (Working title)

Pursued by a force of Morgethri elves the lore keeper Niamell Ithalin flees to meet with his long lost brother. But fate sets them on a different path and once reunited they struggle to reach their people to warn them of an impending war.

Status: First Draft
Word count: A lot…


(No Title)

Jillian had always felt something was not quite right with him. He had a senseless thirst for knowledge and never thought twice about killing a human. He did so quick and efficiently, until one day. Something came over him and a normal assassination contract turned into a slaughter beyond sanity. It was only the beginning of a long dark path that could spiral him down into the deepest of madness and despair or grant him more power than any elf in Haran could dream of. But Jillian always picks his own way, and where there is no other, he’ll make one.


Children of the Azur


Flash Fiction


An Azur’s struggle in a new world.