There is no detailed recording of any creation myth among the elves. It is known that there were many gods involved in the creation of the world, but that the only one that matters is their creator Ithraën – The God of Light. By Him the elven kings were told that they were the firstborn and this world had been created for them to live in. As the elves explored the world there has been disturbing evidence that what they were told by their creator was not entirely true.

Ancient ruins and spirits of an unknown people has been found all over Haran showing that there is much more to history then they were told.

The most common belief among the elves is that Haran is not necessarily a physical world but more of an astral realm/plane of existence. Indeed the world appears and acts as a physical reality yet the veil to the astral world is thin and “bleeds through” in some places.

This theory is supported as the energy in the world is increasing and the use of magic becoming more natural. Some even take it so far as to say that the Haran’Utarië is but a common playground for those souls tired of reincarnation to the physical realms, yet this belief has received some hard criticism as death is still very real.

Besides these claims there has not been much research into how the world came to be or what will become of it. The people of Haran simply prefer to live their lives without bothering with such great questions. And those who do catch an interest for such things usually keep their findings and answers to themselves.