– Cairaha –

 “I am no ones prey, I am only chained because I allow it.”

Cairaha is a strange creature lurking in the depths of *****. He is known by many not by name, but by the gruesome smile carved from the corners of his mouth to the base of his ears. It is unclear if he inflicts the wounds himself or if it is someone else. But in any case he is very fond of them.

He is often found chained up or caged, severely tortured and sometimes seemingly dead. One might think he suffers greatly from this, but he claims never to be the victim. This might be true, many unfortunate cultists who fail to “entertain” him end up eaten and dismembered. He is a hunter,no doubt. When boredom or anger strikes him even the Azurs might think twice before challenging him.

Whether he is an elf or one of the old ones no one knows. To some he is the embodiment of death. A spirit that does not die but is given life through pain and destruction.


Appears in: Tales From Haran: Pain, Curiosity

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  1. JeFawk says:

    Nice character waw :D I laughed my ass off when reading about his mental problem hahaha

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