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Show vs Tell Emotion Challenge #22: Curiosity

  AAaaand it is DONE! Challenge is over and wow… don’t think I’ve written this much in such a short time in my life… >.> Now I shall return to hours of gaming, painting and drawing, but no worries, all that will still contribute to this page in some way. Especially the art part. ;)…

Show vs Tell Emotion Challenge #21: Shock/Surprise

Tsk tsk, telling a power-hungry elf that power is bad for him? Lol like that ever works… :F *** Shock/Surprise 

A burst of blue flames erupted around him.

 “Go no further.” 

A voice spoke in his mind.

 “Too weak, too greedy. The power will consume you.”

 The flames grew more intense, burning. But Maelorn felt…

Show vs Tell Emotion Challenge #20: Desire

Namayah my man, you are just as crazy about swords as I am. Grab on to that awesome piece of art and never let go. :’3

Well… at least not for now… wanna know where this leads? I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for me to finish my “A Hidden Paradise” novella to find out! :F…

Show vs Tell Emotion Challenge #19: Shame

Almost back on schedule! Another double post tomorrow and then the last challenge on friday! *** Shame The guild master grabbed Jillian by his collar and shoved him ruthlessly against the wall. “What were you thinking boy? We are assassins, not savage beasts. Do you know the difference?” His voice was thick with contempt and…

Show vs Tell Emotion Challenge #18: Doubt

Fëarandir is probably my most underdeveloped character, but he has a lot of backstory I hope I’ll get to write about sometime. :3 *** Doubt “You represent the interests of both lords?” Fëarandir squinted with his jaw slightly left hanging. He paced back and forth in the room eying the slender woman sitting patiently on…