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The Wind that Blew like Rampaging Cats

The Wind that Blew like Rampaging Cats – a short story by Elin V. Pettersson (well almost… this nonsense was generated with plot-generator) —— Cameron Cox looked at the solid ruler in his hands and felt stressed. He walked over to the window and reflected on his idyllic surroundings. He had always loved wild West Boggins…

Curiosity… could have killed the elf?

I used to write a lot of these weird short pieces whenever I had to pay attention to other things like … teachers… seminars…bla bla And it was time well spent I must say, so I could pull something like this out of a dusty folder and lol a bit at 5 am, a couple…

Show vs Tell Emotion Challenge #22: Curiosity

  AAaaand it is DONE! Challenge is over and wow… don’t think I’ve written this much in such a short time in my life… >.> Now I shall return to hours of gaming, painting and drawing, but no worries, all that will still contribute to this page in some way. Especially the art part. ;)…

Show vs Tell Emotion Challenge #21: Shock/Surprise

Tsk tsk, telling a power-hungry elf that power is bad for him? Lol like that ever works… :F *** Shock/Surprise 

A burst of blue flames erupted around him.

 “Go no further.” 

A voice spoke in his mind.

 “Too weak, too greedy. The power will consume you.”

 The flames grew more intense, burning. But Maelorn felt…