There are vast forests to the north east and south east of the **** mountains and green steppes in between. To the west of the *** mountain chain lies a gray wasteland mixed with dry steppe. It is similar to the Ash lands in Jeerwithuën but the land still show signs of life. Flickering shadows of beings who once lived there can be seen when venturing too far into those lands. The Akarian mountain chain stretches from the top of the island to the end of it dividing the country in two parts. The Akarian coastline and archipelagos are rocky and in many places hard to sail through.


The city of the laerthri and home to lord Randilie. It sits close to the mountainside and is surrounded by vast forests on all sides. It was the laerthri’s first city established in Akarien and is by far the greatest they’ve built in their history.

The Deep Forest

The Deep Forest is a place where only beasts venture. Even the Wild Elves stay away from this part of the woodland realm. It is too thick and wild for settlement and it is said that this is where the heart of the forest lies.

Deep forests of Avaldion_lowres

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